What Records Does My Mesothelioma Lawyer Need?

Your mesothelioma lawyer will need any documentation that you worked in an industry where asbestos exposure is known to occur, any information your employer gave you about possible asbestos exposure.  If you belong to a union that has information, that might be helpful. There are many places people work with asbestos fibers, including miners, construction workers, ship builders and factory workers.

You need to keep a record of all your medical bills and treatment.  If you are already keeping copies of your medical records, then you should separately keep copies of your bills.  To document work exposure, you need any records that can prove when and where you were working.   W-2 forms can do that, as can any tax records.  Any information given to you in writing should be found if possible.  You want to document where and when you think you were exposed, and if there were other people you know who can verify what you say.  Your mesothelioma lawyer may want to reach them.

The military will need all your military records.  Your mesothelioma attorney will tell you what else he or she needs.  If you need more help with knowing what documents please visit mesothelioma lawyer locator 

Can I wait and take care of this later?

If you want to pursue your legal rights, you should begin as soon as possible.  For one thing, if often takes a long time to resolve these matters, and your may need money for your medical treatment as well as living costs.  It is also important to remember that you have no way of knowing how long you will live with the disease, or how long you will be able to testify to what you know, or give information about what happened. Once you give the lawyer all the information you can, he can go on to pursue any and all claims you might have.  

Hopefully, if he can recover money, it will be available for you if you need it.  If the claim takes a very long time, the money may come to your spouse or family after you are gone.

You will want to detail in your will where you want settlement money to go, should an award come when you are no longer able to state what you want to do with it.