Helping My Mother Get Back to the Routines She Loves to Do

My mom used to get out all the time. She is in her 70s now, but there was a time recently that she was just staying home and not even tending her small garden. I found out when I stopped to pick up a few tomatoes. I could see the weeds growing. She told me that her back was hurting her. She said she had been to the doctor, and he prescribed painkillers that make her sleepy, but they do not take away all the pain. I took her to my chiropractor in Redding, and now she is feeling a lot better.

Mom’s back had a pinched nerve that was causing her some tremendous sciatic pain. Instead of pills, the chiropractor helped her by manipulating her spine to reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve. This then allowed the damaged nerve to start healing. The inflammation in the nerve began to reduce, and the pain went away. The doctor also prescribed an exercise regimen to get her back muscles stronger so she could return to her gardening and running around that she enjoys so much. She used to walk around for miles every day going to visit and stopping at local stores. She preferred walking to driving her whole life.

Mom is doing great now. I can tell because there is not a weed in the garden. They do not stand a chance when she is at her peak with no back pain. It is amazing how pain can limit your life and ruin everything about how you feel. There are remedies for pain that very often do not require prescription medications that make you sleepy or make you sick in other ways. Medical doctors want to do their best, and sometimes they can only offer pills. Chiropractic medicine offers you an alternative.