This Model Appreciates the Exposure

When I went online to buy Instagram followers, I did so in order to increase my exposure to the public. As a young model attempting to land more work than the occasional store catalogue, I very quickly learned that I had to get my face out there. The problem is that Instagram, a social media site that revolves largely around photographs of everything from pets to models, is loaded with people like me trying to break out and get a lucrative modeling career going. I knew I could make it, but I needed that extra boost that only a lot of followers can get you.

I found a company online that promises to provide plenty of followers. The important distinction is that these are real followers who actively engage your account and spread your images to all corners of the planet. Most companies use bots or fake clicks to try and pump up your numbers. That would be great if all I cared about is having a big number under my followers tag, but I wanted to get my images out to new people and, hopefully, to someone interested in hiring me for some better modeling gigs.

I’m here to say this company delivers on its promises. It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually I started getting more enquiries, some of which were local. That part is great because I’ve already done several more jobs and made a lot more money. The other enquiries wanted me to travel, which I did for two of them, and I had a lot of fun and made a nice chunk of change to boot. I’m feeling very optimistic about the future if these jobs are any indication. I might not be walking a runway in the future, but I’ll definitely be making money and doing what I love.