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Dan Meadors is a partner in The Indoor Formula along with Eric Lambert. They began selling on Amazon as a side business with an initial investment of only $600. Amazon is the second biggest ecommerce business in the world, and they’re constantly seeking ways to improve their customer base. By using the wholesale formula they’ve been successful with their business ventures on multiple levels.

Amazon uses the wholesale formula for 2 reasons; the first reason is that it makes the product cheaper for the customer. Because they buy in bulk, they are able to receive the product at a lower price per item than if they offered it individually. The second reason they use the wholesale formula is because it cuts their cost of maintaining the inventory. If they purchased the product in retail they would need to pay more for the things they market. Also, when they have several thousand items to sell, it takes them longer to arrange them into an efficient selling system than it would take if they offered them at a time.

The Wholesale Formula is a workshop where they teach the fundamentals of online sales and how to market on Amazon. Dan and Eric start by teaching the customer how to use the Amazon search engine efficiently. The formula then goes on to explain how to access the whole marketplace for all wholesale products. Finally, they enter how to write effective sales copy so the customers can locate them easily when they are ready to buy.

This workshop is packed full of excellent info. The formulation however, is packed full of powerful marketing strategies. The real secret to being successful with any business, especially an internet business, is to start it with a good foundation. Without the correct market knowledge, a blueprint to follow, and also a means to sell the goods effectively, a business will not last long.

The Wholesale Formula creates a complete set of suggestions and instructions that are easy to implement. Once implemented the set of guidelines is easy to learn and apply. The author’s background is in the e-commerce industry; consequently, the content within this program comes from his own experiences. He has been selling items on Amazon for over a decade. Through this he knows precisely how to market on Amazon without being oversold or having to fight over a limited amount of stock.

The Wholesale Formula is also available in a downloadable version. It doesn’t need a membership to purchase this software. The biggest difference with this version however, is that it does not include the valuable information regarding how to advertise and sell on Amazon. This information is found within the unique system that this workshop provides.

I think that it is amazing that somebody has taken the time to create such a unique program that is flexible enough to work with any size of company. Using the wholesale formula program, any business can quickly and easily create their own business accounts on Amazon. The positive reviews that I have read all mention how the Wholesale Formula is easy to use and provides useful tips for new business owners. Amazon is one of the most popular websites in the world and creating an account is free.

The Wholesale Formula isn’t something that will make you rich overnight. However, it is going to allow you to succeed in your online business by providing you with useful and proven methods to market on Amazon. The unique workshop I have seen was very easy to follow and had a set of steps which were simple to duplicate. For those who want to make money online, using this powerful wholesale 101 workshop is your answer to a successful internet business.